Sendero del Río:

CWalk bordering the wooded banks of the Risopatrón river. On this journey, you can discover the intensity of the Patagonian cold forest.

This path was built so as not to intervene in the least nature, for this, the trees were respected and the river bank was followed, making it an incredible path that mixes with nature, where you can feel and observe it fully.

In its path you can see a large number of birds and large trees, some with more than 100 years. On the way we can see large Coigues, Tepas and the reddish Arrayanes. Surely observe the curious Chucao, or the coveted Magellanic Woodpecker, among other birds. Being on the edge of the Risopatrón River, it was necessary to build around 36 small wooden bridges, since the river changes its flow and course practically every winter. There is a very special footbridge that crosses the Risopatrón river through the treetops. It is practically part of the trees.

Duration: Half Day

Length: approximately 3 km

Difficulty level: Low

Necessary equipment: Rain coat and boots on rainy days.


Senda Miradores:

This hike is ideal for those looking for something more active within the Pangue, since it has a higher elevation through a series of viewpoints, in which you can see part of Lake Risopatrón and the park where the Lodge is located.

On this trail you can also see large trees and the famous nalca, as well as incredible panoramic views of the valley where the Lodge is located. To start you will have to cross a beautiful walkway that crosses the Risopatrón river.

Duration: 1,5 Hours

Length: 400 meters approximately

Difficulty level: Medium

Necessary equipment: Rain coat and boots on rainy days.

vista mongocho

Senda Laguna los Pumas:

Walk to Los Pumas lagoon. This lagoon is located at the top of a hill located in the Queulat National Park, 5km south of the Lodge along the Carretera Austral, it is at the beginning of this path. The one that winds its way down the slope of the hill until it reaches a small gate, where the lagoon is located. Due to the height, the morphology of the forest of this place, changes substantially compared to the cold jungle, which commonly adorns the landscapes of the area. So it is possible to appreciate the different types of vegetation in the area, relative to the height. This is considered a highly difficult trail due to its elevation, it is mainly made up of steps, which are quite high, so it is not recommended for someone with knee difficulties. Being longer and longer, it is possible to appreciate even more diversity of flora and fauna in the area.

Duration: 1 Day

Length: 5 Km. Approximately

Difficulty level: High

Equipment needed: Small backpack, water bottle, trekking shoes and water jacket if necessary

laguna pumas trek